Delaware Beach Retirement

The Delaware beaches are a wonderful place to vacation which also makes Delaware is an incredible place to retire.  The high-quality lifestyle and comparatively low cost of living are key benefits of Delaware retirement. To make it even more enticing to retirees, some of the finest beach real estate on the East Coast resides along the Delaware shore and it's a wonderful place to draw family and friends for company.

Low taxes, mild weather and a short drive to the metropolitan areas of Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City make Southern Delaware’s beaches the dream location for many individuals and couples looking for the ideal place to retire. Not to mention, there is no sales tax in the State of Delaware, there is no real of personal property tax and real estate taxes are some of the lowest in the nation… all great reasons to retire in Delaware!  In fact, Kiplinger recently rated Delaware #1 for their most tax-friendly states for retirement.

A Realtor with The Leslie Kopp Group would be delighted to help you discover what retirement in Delaware offers those searching for a wonderful balance between leisure and activity, all within just a few hours from family members and friends. Many of the communities in our coastal towns offer intricately designed homes and world-class amenities such as golf courses, pools and water parks, tennis facilities, restaurants and fitness facilities.  

Fore more advanced care of Seniors in Delaware, many resources online. 

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Miles from Metropolitan Areas to the Southern Delaware Beaches.


About Our Delaware Beaches

Delaware’s beautiful beaches are the state’s most heavily utilized recreation resource. In fact, the U.S. Natural Resources Defense Council gave Delaware beaches its highest 5-star rating for ocean water quality and ranked Delaware beaches the cleanest among the 30 U.S. coastal states.

There is more than 25 miles of coastline from the mouth of the Delaware Bay to the Maryland border. Public ocean beaches can be found in the towns of Bethany BeachSouth BethanyFenwick Island, LewesRehoboth Beach, and Dewey Beach. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the Delaware beaches, bays and waterways. Recreational opportunities like parasailing, kite boarding, paddling, boating, jet skiing, stand up paddle boarding, and pontoon boat tours including sunset tours, eco-tours, music tours, etc, are extremely popular.