Beach Towns could Contribute to Future Beach Replenishment

Posted by Leslie Kopp & Christi Arndt on Wednesday, January 31st, 2024 at 10:53am

Credit to Katie Kazimir with Delaware Live

Army Corps updates beach replenishment timeline, sand totals | Cape Gazette
Cape Gazette

The Department of Natural Resources is developing counsel for local governments to aid in funding the cost for beach replenishment.   DNREC has stated that as erosion intensifies, the process of beach replenishment, which typically entails extracting sand from deeper offshore areas, may require more frequent repetition in order to restore beaches and safeguard infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and buildings.  Currently, costs are funded by both the state and federal government.  As of now Delaware allocates 1% of the state lodging tax towards replenishment projects. DNREC anticipates a budget of $4.1 million for the 2024 fiscal year, concluding on June 30th. This year, it is anticipated that $3.5 million will be allocated through bond bill appropriations to supplement the state funding.

“Nothing we’re doing with this study is going to affect current projects or future planned projects,” said Jesse Hayden, environmental program director for DNREC. “We are simply trying to get ahead of the problem while we have the opportunity, before we actually run out of money and can’t can’t fund a project.”  A preliminary replenishment report is expected to be prepared during the spring season, followed by a conclusive report sent to department leadership by the conclusion of summer. Subsequently, it will be deliberated upon with state legislators.

Beach replenishment has been used as a tool to build up our coast.  This is important for our tourism industry and to protect both Bethany Beach real estate and local businesses, as well as the surrounding coastal towns. 




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