Bear Trap Dunes Natural Gas Conversion To Be Completed Soon

Posted by Leslie Kopp & Christi Arndt on Wednesday, June 14th, 2023 at 12:30pm

The Natural Gas Conversion in the amenity-rich community of The Bear Trap Dunes is underway and moving swiftly towards final completion.   Powered by Chesapeake Utilities, section 5 of the golf community will be finalized shortly, while a total of 475 homes have already been successfully converted to Natural Gas.  Section 6, the next and last phase, is set to begin next Monday, June 19th.  The Bear Trap Dunes natural gas conversion should be fully completed by the middle of summer.

According to representatives of Chesapeake, "Beebe Healthcare's South Coastal Emergency Department and Cancer Center have had natural gas service since 2019," before the facility have even opened.  Thanks to Beebe and state funding, Chesapeake was able to expand to the Millville area.  In the year 2020, "Chesapeake completed to an extension of 9 miles of 8-inch pipe from Dagsboro, and in 2021, extended a gas main on Pepper's Corner Road to the Sycamore Chase and Friendship Creek developments.

"Last year, Chesapeake connected the Bay Forest community to its natural gas system. Bay Forest previously had an underground propane delivery system that was operated by Sharp Propane, Chesapeake’s 'sister company.'"

"Using geographic information systems (GIS), Chesapeake is tracking ongoing development in the area, according to David Detrick. He added that communities that currently have Sharp propane delivery systems “are on our radar, and we’re working to get to as many of those as we can” for possible conversion to natural gas."

"In Millville By the Sea, Chesapeake has approval to offer natural gas to sections that have not been built yet, but not in existing areas that have propane service from another company. Currently, Chesapeake is working to extend service to Schooner Village (Village 7) in Millville By the Sea and is preparing to move into Village 2, according to Chesapeake sales representative Kelley Gabbard."

"Bishop’s Landing currently has propane service from Sharp, Belinko said, and Detrick explained that two years ago, Chesapeake reached an agreement with Sharp regarding conversion of areas that have Sharp propane service."

"Chesapeake essentially buys the system from Sharp, Detrick said, and if the community, as a whole, votes in favor of transitioning to natural gas and the economics are favorable for Chesapeake, the conversion can proceed."

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